When do the show start?

The time printed on the ticket is usually the time the entrance opens. More precise times will be published on the event's page about 3-5 days before the event takes place. The times published are approximate and may be slightly adjusted during the execution of the event.

Please make sure to arrive early. For sold-out concerts and events at larger venues, there may be queues, and entry can take a long time.

Do I need to print my ticket?

You do not need to print your ticket if you have a PDF ticket, and we advise against printing your ticket, as it leads to unnecessary waste of resources. Instead, we will scan your ticket directly from your mobile.

I have lost my ticket, can you help me?

As organizers, we cannot retrieve and resend your ticket. However, if you go to the ticket provider's site and log in with the same email address you used at the purchase, you can find your ticket there.

If that does not solve the problem, you should contact the ticket provider, and they will assist you

Who is the official ticket provider?

We always recommend purchasing tickets through the event's official ticket provider. This guarantees you receive 100% genuine tickets and allows you to buy them at the standard price.

The official ticket provider varies depending on where the concert is held. Links to tickets on the event's page always lead to the official ticket provider.

Is the ticket personal / Someone else's name is on my ticket?

For most events we organize, the tickets are not personal. It does not matter if your name is not the one on the ticket.

However, in some cases, the tickets are personal. Then, someone in the group must be able to show a valid ID that matches the name on the ticket. Moreover, the entire group must arrive at the venue simultaneously.

If the tickets are personal, this will be clearly stated on the event's page. If there is no mention of personal tickets on that page, the event does not have personal tickets.

Accessibility and wheelchair tickets

We strive to make all our events as accessible as possible. However, accessibility depends on the design of the concert venue we rent. If you have questions about the accessibility at the concert you are going to attend, you can contact the venue in advance.

Wheelchair ramps are available at larger arenas and most of our outdoor events. To get a spot on these, you must have purchased a wheelchair space. These are sold over the phone through the official ticket provider. The price also includes free entry for one companion.